On Wednesday 9th March over 60  employees from the Foyle College and Ebrington PS & Nursery site attended a Health and Well-being day on site.

Employees came from  Heron Bros., CDL Bricklaying, OAS, P O’Neill Scaffolding, Walter Watson, SOS Joinery and H&M Electrics. It was in partnership with Waterside Together for Health Forum, Pink Ladies Cancer Support and Information Group, Waterside Neighbourhood Partnership, Bogside and Brandywell Health forum Service and CAW and Nelson Drive Community Group.

The site employees received a health and well-being talk on Prostate Cancer, healthy eating and alcohol awareness including a healthy cooking demonstration where the gentlemen got tasty chicken wraps and fresh potato and leek soup. The site employees then received an individual MOT health check from Health Forum Service Pharmacist Cillan and Nurse Clare. They received a body composition analysis that included their BMI, BMR calories intake to maintain/lose your weight, body fat percentage, blood pressure and pulse. The men were encouraged to speak to the Cillan and Clare about their current lifestyle and person health issues.

This is part of the Heron Bros Ltd health and well-being strategy and the £ for lb campaign which has been rolled out to all Heron Bros Ltd staff and site employees across the Group.

The £ for lb 12 Week Challenge is a work-based weight loss programme that aims to encourage employees to adopt a healthier lifestyle by participating in a twelve week, NHS-based programme. We are half way through the challenge with over 300lb’s already lost across the company.