Heron Bros is the latest construction company to become BIM-certified. The construction and property specialist is now fully equipped to offer their services to their clients, consultants and supply chain in compliance with BIM Level 2.

Building Information Modelling (BIM) uses digital information to manage the processes of a built asset from the point of inception, through design, construction and operation, to decommissioning. The BIM process prioritises the collection and sharing of digital information, which can be used and re-used by architects, contractors,civil engineers, facilities managers, asset owners and others. Infrastructure data becomes more accessible, accurate and useful to all stakeholders,including clients and users.

The BIM-certification, from leading certifying body Stroma, verifies that Heron Bros has provided evidence of its eligibility to supply services for Level 2 BIM projects. The accreditation is in line with the PAS 1192-2:2013 standard, the current mandated construction standard for centrally procured public sector contracts.

Since April 2016, the Government mandated BIM as a requirement for all centrally procured Government projects in England and Wales, with the Scottish Government following in April 2017. By achieving BIM Certification, Heron Bros demonstrates their commitment to deliver services in compliance with the BIM Level 2 related standards.

Martin O’Kane, Heron Bros’ Deputy Group Managing Director, commented:

“At Heron Bros we champion a ‘one-team approach’ which is consistent with the collaboration which underpins the BIM ethos. The BIM Certification reflects the tremendous work being undertaken in our Design and BIM Departments. It demonstrates the in-house skills and expertise we have in Digital Construction, which we constantly develop. At Heron Bros we pride ourselves on our ability to innovate. We are leading the way when it comes to putting BIM to use for the mutual benefit of our clients, designers, supply chain and site teams.”

Michael Murtagh, Heron Bros’ BIM Manager and Chair of BIM4ContractorsNI, said:

“Building Information Modelling has now become the industry standard process of designing and delivering construction projects. The certification reflects the culmination of three years working on BIM projects and team learning, right across the organisation.We are pleased to achieve BIM Level 2 certification as it now allows us to further demonstrate our BIM capability to existing and potential clients.”

As chairman of BIM4ContractorsNI, Michael, Heron Bros’ BIM Manager, works toward raising awareness, sharing the benefits of BIM, facilitating adoption of BIM processes and working methods throughout the UK’s construction industry.

Niraj Mistry, Head of BIM at Stroma commended Heron Bros for their achievement, saying:

“I am pleased to see Heron Bros gain BIM Level 2 Certification, continuing the growing adoption of digital construction methods within the industry. Their commitment to collaboration and teamwork throughout the supply chain is exemplary. It’s vital that more companies follow the example set by Heron Bros to ensure the construction industry is future-proofed, open to new technologies and can gain BIM’s multitude of benefits.”